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Helping Seniors Live an Enriched Lifestyle in the Comfort of Their Own Homes

Our Story

Florida’s Trusted Live-In Companionship Services Company

For over 20 years, we have been known for our 24-hour live-in companionship care. Having the right caregivers is key to our overall success as a company. We place a live-in caregiver who can handle the asking needs of our clients, and who can build a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in the convenience and comfort of the client’s home.

We bring our clients consistency and peace of mind by placing qualified caregivers in their homes. This placement ensures the reliability of having too many individuals in and out, no-shows, schedule conflicts, etc. Our approach helps build a more solid relationship with our clients and their loved ones.

We have also noticed a great need when senior communities admit a new resident to their establishment. At times, settling into their new home takes them a little time to adjust, which can be overwhelming. As a result, this can cause stress, behavior challenges, depression, anxiety, the development of bad habits, and accelerating memory conditions, etc. To accommodate this need, we offer a specific companionship service to address this concern. We refer to this service at Transitional Companionship Care.
Whether you need someone to temporarily relieve you of your caregiving duties (Respite Care), a full-time live-in companionship caregiver, or a  transitional companion, we have the perfect companion your aging loved one will need to maintain a healthy, dignified lifestyle in the comfort of their own home.


A Few Words from Jorge

“It is my pleasure to welcome you and your loved one to Family Legacy Care. As you continue to explore your options, we are with you every step of the way. It is of the utmost importance to us that your loved one receive the best care. I will do everything in my power to provide you with the perfect companion for your loved one. One who will bring love, compassion, and attention. I take each case to heart as we do ‘More than just care…’ Thank you for entrusting your loved one with us.”

– Jorge L. Agüero Jr.
Founder & Owner

Our Companionship Care Services

We offer a range of companionship services to meet the unique needs of each senior. We will help bring a safe and independent life to your loved one while in the comfort of their own home or new place of living.



Live-in care is our flagship service to seniors and their families. Our companion caregiver resides at the client’s home to support their specific needs, creating comfort and independence at home.


This service is tailored for seniors transitioning from a familiar place, typically from their homes or medical facility to a senior care community. Care can be provided for days or weeks depending on the need, providing a seamless transition and giving you and your loved one peace of mind.


Our respite care services provide short-term relief for current primary caregivers. Care can range from hourly (even up to 24 hours) to several weeks at a time, allowing you to take some time off while giving you the peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

Teeth Whitening

Whether it is just cleaning or polishing, get a brighter smile while you walk out.

Dental Implants

We help you get a new set of teeth or a single tooth that matches your smile.

Braces & Implants

We use and recommend Invisalign braces for better results of teeth alignment.

Redefine the Golden Years of Your Aging Loved Ones with the Best Companionship Care

At Family Legacy Care, we are passionate about helping seniors live with dignity and independence. We provide personalized care solutions that improve the quality of life of our clients while giving caregivers a rewarding career opportunity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or your family members.

The Leading Provider of Senior Care Services in Florida for More than 20 Years

With our long years of experience, we have met hundreds of seniors with different needs, which helped our caregivers be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to address any issue our clients may encounter while under our care. That’s why when you trust your aging loved one with us, you will have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

Highly Qualified Caregivers

Our caregivers undergo extensive background checks and follow a high code of ethics to ensure that our clients receive the best quality care. Moreover, all our staff members are highly trained and experienced in providing personalized and compassionate care.

State-of-the-Art Care Solutions

We believe in using the latest practices and strategies to enhance our care services and ensure that your aging loved one is safe, secure, and comfortable. From medication reminders to 24/7 supervision, we provide they get the most out of their golden years.

Comprehensive Support System

Aside from providing quality one-on-one companionship care and assistance, we also offer a full range of support services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. With us, your aging family member will never feel alone or neglected again.

Affordable Elderly Care Services

We understand that senior care can be expensive, especially if they have a serious chronic health condition. That’s why we have designed our services to provide the most cost-effective way of getting your loved one the best quality care without breaking the bank.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone.

Family Legacy Care is here for your elderly companionship needs. From laundry assistance and meal preparation to early stages of memory care and medication reminders, our caregivers can provide the necessary care for your aging loved ones. Give us a call, and one of our care advisors will guide you through your care options, answer your questions, and help you get the support you need. We are here to help 24/7.